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NASP Exposure Project

To address national shortages in school psychology and attract culturally and linguistically diverse students to the field, the NASP African American subcommittee of the Multicultural Affairs Committee invites you to participate in the Exposure Project (#NASPEP). The NASP Exposure Project is focused on exposing high school and undergraduate students, especially those of diverse backgrounds, to school psychology as a career. To learn more about the NASP Exposure Project and access presentation materials, Click Here

NASP and BSPN are collecting data on the number of students who have been exposed to the profession of school psychology. Upon completion of each presentation (within 24 hours), please be sure to submit your data using the following links: NASP Exposure Project: Data Tracking Form & BSPN Exposure Project: Data Tracking Form

For more information, feel free to contact Dr. Charles Barrett at or from BSPN, Dr. Tiara Bland at

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